How to Create Sidebar Menu in WordPress Admin Panel

Want to create menu bar with drop-down without plugin, that is very easy only you want to know how. Menu in WordPress admin panel in this post we see how we can add custom menu to admin sidebar.

create menu bar with drop-down without plugin

This function takes a capability which will be used to determine whether or not a page is included in the menu. You can create it easy. The function which is hooked in to handle the output of the page must check that the user has the required capability as well.

1. Find Create – Menu Location

Want able to access to you file from server or local system.

  • Go to wp-admin -> menu-header.php (Open menu-header.php)
  • Open to your text editer find Ctrl+f -> Collapse menu.

Look like this bellow image:

editer find Ctrl+f

2. Create – New Menu

Copy all codes and paste it on current location.

echo'<li class="wp-has-submenu wp-not-current-submenu menu-top menu-icon-plugins" id="new-menu">
<a href="javascript:;" class="wp-has-submenu wp-not-current-submenu menu-top menu-icon-plugins" aria- 
     <div class="wp-menu-image dashicons-before dashicons-admin-links">
      <div class="wp-menu-name">New Menu </div>
    <ul class="wp-submenu wp-submenu-wrap">
   <li class="wp-first-item"><a href="javascript:;" class="wp-first-item">New Page - 1</a></li>
  <li><a href="javascript:;">New Page - 2</a></li>
Copy all codes and paste it on current location

3. New Menu Added

Now you can refresh your admin panel to visually new menu. Replace javascript:; to create new page link to redirect page.

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